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48 % Milk Chocolate. World Award Winner


48 % Milk Chocolate. World Award Winner


48% Vintage Plantations Milk Chocolate Bar (3oz/90g),

We call it a Vintage Bar, not  because it is old, but because  we strive to get back to  the glory days when milk chocolate was made with milk only. it was sold as a nutritious delcicy, one could find in Apothecaries.. our Whole Milk" bar is  Bringing you back to the traditional way of making milk chocolate. No  dairy cream,  No milk fractions, No  substitutes. No whey powder, no caseinates.Just Milk and real cocoa beans ground, Not cocoa powder.

You will notice its  much darker, richer color,  with deeper flavors which will linger much much longer in your mouth. Less Sweet with and end note which will be chocolate, not sugar.

unbeknownst to us, the London base chocolate organization had send tasters in many countries to collect chocolate bars. 2 years later , having collected   more than 200 samples of each kind , we are honored to have been selected with three stars and listed in their world chocolate awards book.


the packaging is made of paper, as well as the label . The inner wrapper is:The NatureFlex™ 1.2 mil bulk cellophane bags which are made from 100% clear compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forests.

Since its inception, Vintage Plantations' mission  has been  to safeguard heirloom cocoa varieties, to encourage new sustainable cultivation methods that preserve the rain forest, and to guarantee a fair price for cacao planters. Having worked with  the rain forest alliance team to certify the farms the R.A. deemed important enabled us to source great cacaos , which we  bring in small batches to our chocolate laboratory in Newark , NJ or in Umea Sweden. there, we strive to preserve and open the flavor potential locked into these beans.. it has taken us many  years of trials and mistakes to get to this point as well as an Un healthy obsession in perfecting a chocolate bar we would deem worthy of presenting to you.


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