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Milk Chocolate Latte Mocha 3.2 Oz


Milk Chocolate Latte Mocha 3.2 Oz


Remember that perfect cup of hot chocolate with an espresso?, this is what we have tried to  create in a solid form. Timing is everything in this bar, coffee  beans are roasted then ground seconds before being incorporated in the hot milk chocolate to trap the fresh coffee aroma. Less sweet that most milk  chocolate, no flavors added, only milk, cocoa and coffee.

Our tastes buds were the only judge when it came to making our new Milk Chocolate Latte Mocha bar.   There were no considerations of cost, production timing, logistics.  It took us several years reformulating this bar and listening to our customers  to finally reach this final recipe often adding an extra step in the process to improve the experience.


the packaging is made of paper, as well as the label . The inner wrapper is:The NatureFlex™ 1.2 mil bulk cellophane bags which are made from 100% clear compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forests.

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3.2 Oz